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Shivmani Hospital has been serving its patients since 15 years. Our hospital started functioning in 1998 as a 15 Beds Nursing Home - "Dr.Sanjay Child Care Centre" (exclusive children's hospital). With God's grace and our patients' blessings, we upgraded it to a 25 Beds Multispeciality Nursing Home in 2005 and named it Shivmani Hospital.
• NICU upgraded to Tertiary Level. Ventilators and CPAP added to NICU.
• Cashless facility for all the major TPA’s available.
• Dr. Pankaj Mohan (Physician) also available on call.
                      • IPD SERVICES
                      • OPD SERVICES
                      • LAB SERVICES
                      • SURGICAL SERVICES
Healthy Eating Habits
Some of the most important aspects of healthy eating are portion control and cutting down on how much fat your child eats. Simple ways to reduce fat intake in your child's diet and promote a healthy weight include serving.
Tips for Caring for Scars
Clean the injury with soap and water, then assess the damage. Any wound that gapes open, even just a little bit, necessitates an ER trip. Your child may need stitches, which will help minimize the scarring. If the wound is on the face, consider requesting a plastic surgeon to do the stitching.
Brushing Your Teeth Only
3 to 4 years: Your kid should be using fluoride toothpaste - but only a pea-size amount, and you should still be squeezing it out and brushing for him. If he's raring to take over, "let him do the 'important' second pass," suggests Largent. Introduce flossing as soon as two of his teeth are touching.
  Stronger, Fitter, Healthier Kid:
Try the kid-friendly moves on the next page. And get involved! Do the exercises with them and work together to meet goals. It's likely you won't get through the whole alphabet the first time you try the "Alphabet Plank," for example. But eventually, you may be able to go through it twice. "Children really respond to challenges and the positive reinforcement you give them afterward,"